ZHICHENG : ZDP-A Series Incubators

ZDP-A series incubators provided by ZHICHENG offer an economical method to a variety of microorganism cultures. As a standard feature, each of the incubators has a high precision microprocessor controller that maintains accurate temperature control of the chamber in the range of ambient +5°C to 65°C with an accuracy of ±0.1°C. An alarm is incorporated to warn of over temperature deviations, and user-friendly sealed control panel allows easy digital setting and fast readout. The incubators can store 9 programs 18 steps in memory. Steps can be set for running multiple "ramp and soak" cycles, or for just running at one temperature for a given time and then switching automatically to another temperature for another given time. Each program can be made to repeat from 1 to 99 times automatically. The incubators can also be used in the non-programmable mode as a normal incubator.